Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mise En Place: Tea Towels from a Vintage Tablecloth

I had this tablecloth for years.  It had been well loved and was showing it.  A spot of wine here and big yellow stain in the corner, but I just couldn't throw it out.  It is already hard for me to throw out anything I feel like I can make use of but this had sentiment as well.  It was given to me after having been in the wedding party for my friends Ben and Erin (see Ben's awesome food blog You Fed a Baby Chili?).  I remember Erin planning her wedding and ordering a different vintage tablecloth for each table.  Afterward, she and Ben sent the tableclothes to select family and friends.  I loved this tablecloth and I loved being among the ones they gave it to.  Just look at the pop in those graphics!

In the spirit of being green I have been teaching myself to sew.  The process is slow going I must say.  I  also have to say that it is mighty silly that I work in textile design and I don't know how to sew.  So I have started with simple projects.  Some successful and some not but this was an easy success.  I turned my stained but loved cotton tablecloth into a charming set of tea towels.  No need for a pattern for this job.  I just used an older tea towel for the size, folded the cut edges over twice at 1/4 of an inch and used a straight stitch.

For good deals on vintage tablecloths, fabrics and tea towels check on ebay or etsy.

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