Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Inspiration Outing #7: The Doughnut Plant

Mmmmm...doughnuts.  Sugary, fried, yeasty sticky doughnuts.  Sink your teeth into one of these an they will dissolve leaving only sugar crystals and maybe a cream mustache on your lips.

I had always wanted to try this place.  Well maybe always implies that I have always known about it and though I would like that to be true, it isn't.  I should say I have wanted to try this place since I first heard it mentioned by food writer Cathy Erway (if you don't know her she writes the popular blog Not Eating Out in New York and is author of the book The Art of Eating In.   I started asking my foodie and non- foodie friends, "Have you heard of this place called The Doughnut Plant?  They have flavors like salted peanut and some of them are square?"

So when asked what my birthday wish was this year, I had to respond sincerely and say that it was to stuff my face with doughnuts in as many flavors as possible with a few lovely people who would enjoy that just as much. And after having eaten more doughnuts than a girl ought to consume in one sitting, I can say that I was not disappointed.  A whole lot of doughnuts worth of not disappointed.

But seriously, if you live in New york or are thinking of visiting, go to The Doughnut Plant on Grand Street.  But try to have some self control.


  1. I am soooo jealous! Been wanting to go here since I saw a feature on tv! I didn't realize you were an April baby too! My bad. Wishing you the bestest, coolest, happiest, grandest belated birthday wishes! Great post (AND PIX)...what is the doughnut artwork? Wall hanging? Especially love adding the atmosphere photos to the food ones.

  2. Maybe we should meet there next time. I didn't even know they were featured on TV. Doughnut mosaic is cool, right? It's a close up of the benches. Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes! Back at ya April Baby!