Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chipotle Grilled Cheese and Tomatillos

Superbowl is a special time when I get to eat what ever I want. Not too different from everyday really, except that on Superbowl Sunday, I leave aside all my fine food snobbery. That's right, Carrot Muncher, this is my bag of potato chips and I am eating the whole thing!

Nay, not really. There was a crudites platter next to the wings.  But there were definitely wings.  And did I mention these amazing spicy grilled cheese sandwiches?  I want one as I am typing this.  The first time I had one was at friends' for dinners, where she served them quartered as appetizers while she continued to cook in the kitchen.  They were decadent, slathered in butter and grilled on a buttered skillet.  I watched as she made them, but probably could have used a pen or pencil.  I will not forget however, how she piled on these ingredients. It was like the leaning tower of grilled cheese.  When she transferred it to the hot skillet I thought there was no way she could flip that.  I envisioned shredded cheese and tomatilloes all over the stove top. But no, it flipped, and it was a clean flip.  Moral is: think big, sky's the limit, and pile on that cheese.

The beauty of this event is I don't even know the first thing about football.  My place in this holy American event is to eat, make sure everyone has a seat around the TV and to keep serving the food.

Chipotle Grilled Cheese and Tomatillos
  • cilantro sprigs, about 2 to a sandwich
  • 1 small can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce
  • butter for spreading
  • grated cheddar cheese
  • sliced tomatilloes
  • grape seed oil or other neutral flavored oil
Lightly grease a cast iron skillet with oil and turn on the heat to medium high.  Add your tomatilloes to the hot skillet and let cook a few minutes on each side.  You want a little char on each side and they will start to sweat and soften.  Butter the inside of your bread and then spread some of the sauce from the can of chipotle peppers.  When I made a lot of these sandwiches, I pureed the peppers and sauce into a paste to make use of more of it.  You can do either, but it is possible that by pureeing it the sauce will be a little spicier. Layer the tomatillo slices, cheddar cheese and cilantro.  Close your sandwich and butter the outside of the bread.  You can add it back to your hot skillet and grill a few minutes on each side.  You can also use a George Foreman grill or panini press if you have one handy and are so inclined.


  1. That brings a traditional grilled cheese sandwich to a whole new level! I love it. I have been wanting to work with tomatillos and just never found the right time. I think its an amazing ingredient. Its under appreciated in our American diets...sad for us.

    Love, love this grilled cheese sandwich.


    1. I thought so too! My husband likes to add tomatilloes instead of tomatoes to his guacamole for a little more acidity. They are great in white bean chili too!

  2. looks totally scrumptious! happy V day!! love and red hearts all the way!