Saturday, April 16, 2011

Table Style: Porcelain Top Cafetera

Let me share with you my birthday present.  My husband knows how to make me happy.  I have kept this little coffee pot bookmarked on my wish list for almost a year.  It just wasn't that easy to find.  I first came across it in our neighbors' home.  I am very particular about my coffee and at the same time very simple in my lifestyle. Only a like-minded and worldly couple could have had such a beautiful object that makes good, simple coffee.  "Where did you find this?" I ask them.   Their reply?  Spain. where do I get one?  I desperately ask if, per chance, they are going back to Spain anytime soon.  

I have always been a fan of the stove top cafetera.  It was my first coffee maker of choice and is fondly remembered in my household growing up.  Memories of dinner with guests always bring to mind the picture of my father raising himself from the head of the table after the main course had been adequately devoured and announcing "Who wants coffee?  Black or brown?"  Black or brown was my fathers' delineation between what was considered Italian coffee, espresso, and American drip coffee.  As an Italian-American household we always offered both. Now he has a fancy espresso machine.  Since he takes such pride in his coffee toy, we usually skip the American coffee.  I have to admit, it has been a long time since I have heard him ask, "Black or brown?" and thinking about it takes me back. 

Back to my new gadget:  unlike the signature, silver cafetera that I am so used to, this one has a porcelain top instead of the octagonal, aluminum one.  Yes, I am a sucker for this beautiful, white, ridged form but practically speaking, I love how it goes from the stove to the table.  The minimal oxidation is nice too.  It makes for some easy cleaning.  So through some serious google research we managed to track down this item on  If you are interested, it is made by a company called Valira and the model is Claudia.


  1. Happy belated b'day, Steph!! Hope you had a lovely one. You have such a loving hubby, touch wood! Cute looking cafetera and lovely memroies to go with it.

  2. belated happy bday! i loved the second line of your post and i'm a sucker too for the beautiful white ridged form! lovely post!

    ridged form reminds me of some terrific designers!

  3. Happy belated Birthday! The cafetera looks very chic.

  4. happy belated birthday :)
    you are very lucky to have such a thoughtful husband... what a great birthday gift!

  5. A beautiful coffeepot, extra nice because you can put the porcelain portion on the table. A great gift.