Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award: Thank you and I pass this on to...

Thank you, Kitchen Morph.  This is from a fellow food blogger and I am honored it came from such a talented cook.  If you haven't been visit  I mean this sweet and savory lady uses flavors in ways I haven't even thought of.

However, as with any honor, there are responsibilities upon excepting this award and I shall fullfill them.  First responsibility is that I pass on this award to three other bloggers.  Or was it four?  What the heck, let's make it four.  (Kitchen Morph, my dear, I am excluding you only because you have already been honored.  I hope you understand.)  My winner today are:
  1. You Fed a Baby Chili? - , where food waxes poetic.
  2. Scarpetta Dolcetto -, sweet little shoe, you are an Italian cook after my own heart. 
  3. Gourmet Gadget Girl -, kitchen experience to relate to and tips for everyday.
  4. Sweet Bitter Tart - - to learn a little history about the foods you love and for the great illustrations.  
The second responsibility is to reveal three things about myself.  (Or was it four? Let's make it three.)
  1. I am truly happy when I am making things.
  2. I am really good at being a beginner and I probably will always consider myself a beginner at the things I love to do.  Instead of a cook, I would say I am a food enthusiast.  Rather than an artist, I call myself a creative person.  It reminds me of how much more room I have to grow.  I am pretty content as a small speck in the universe as long as the universe stays as marvelous as it is.
  3. My favorite color is red.
Thank you again for the award and for bringing my attention to the blogs your reading.  A big thank you to everyone who has read or has been reading my little blog.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Steph. That's very sweet. :)

  2. Thanks so much!! I'm honored to be in such great company - your's included! What a wonderful treat to come back from a harrowing business trip and find this ray of sunshine in my inbox. Thanks for making my day! : )

  3. congrats! can i know your name designer?